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A landscape around Los Tuxtlas

Since I was a child playing and walking around Mexico City I have been passionate about art. Painting, photography, architecture and recently video are subjects of my interest, my enjoyment and study.

In the last two years I have been organizing thousands in my collection of photos. I started 35 years ago with analog photography and in 2005 with digital photography. Now with the digital system I have discovered great potential and I rekindle each day.

My interests are varied to capture moments of architecture, nature, landscapes, animals and people, and my people are always in the spotlight. I have had the fortune to know amazing places and beautiful people. For me, always having a camera allows me to capture moments that later others and myself can fondly remember. For now, I won’t mention all that is involved in photography as an art.

I have been living in some beautiful places and now I am located in Costa Rica, an amazing country.

I still have a lot to learn, so meanwhile I’m sharing part of my work with the hopes that you like it and are interested in making it part of your collection.

Thanks for the visit.

Juan C Sapien

La pintura, la fotografía, posteriormente la arquitectura y recientemente el video son de mi interés, de mi gusto y estudio. Donde quiera que voy me acompaña mi cámara, he tenido la fortuna de poder conocer asombrosos lugares y bellas personas.

Hace 35 años inicie en la fotografía análoga (films - negativos), y ahora con la digital descubro gran potencial y me renuevo cada día. Mis gustos son muy variados para capturar momentos de arquitectura, naturaleza, paisajes, animales y gente, y mi gente siempre está en la mira.

Queda mucho por aprender, mientras tanto les comparto parte de mi trabajo con la esperanza de que les guste y con el interés de que puedan adquirir alguna.

Gracias por la visita.

Juan C Sapien

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